Thursday, May 31, 2012

How do you tell someone they are old?

Almost everyday I have to tell someone, that has
never had a cavity, that they have a cavity.

Many of these people are in the 50's or 60's.

They spend lots of time brushing and flossing and have never had a
cavity and don't understand how they now are getting cavities when
they are doing the same things that they have always done to keep their teeth clean.

At this point I have to be very diplomatic.

The simple answer is...... you are getting older.

As we age things will begin to break down.

These people have no problem accepting that their eyesight isn't what is used to be.
Or that their hearing may be a little worse then it was when they were younger.
But for some reason, the fact that their teeth are also wearing down is a new concept.

Every part of our bodies will break down over time.
Teeth will follow right along with the rest of it.

The forces of a lifetime of chewing mixed in with the fact that salivary flow
rates decrease as we age (thus less protection for our teeth) means that
an increase in cavities over time is almost inevitable.

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