Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dental Tooth Implants

This is a great case to show. 
First of all it shows a before and after of an extraction then an implant.
But it also shows the longevity of an existing implant.

The before picture shows a failing root canal on the right.

The after picture shows the tooth extracted and an implant placed.
We were able to place a nice 10mm long and 4.7mm wide implant.

What both of these pictures also show is an older implant on the left.
This implant has already had the crown placed on it.
The bone levels show that although this implant was placed several
years ago that it continues to be very strong.

Implants are a fantastic way to deal with the loss of one,
or several, of your natural teeth.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Gum Recession Fix

Many people deal with gum recession. 
For some it is a mild irritation but for others 
it can be very painful and effect the way you eat.

The enamel (white stuff) that covers your teeth only
goes as for as the gum line. 
If/when the gum line ever moves away from the enamel 
then root surface of the tooth is exposed.
Root surface is mush more sensitive to hot, cold, sweet, sour, etc 
then any other part of the tooth.

Sensitivity toothpastes can help.
But those must be used for the rest of your life and
if they are discontinued the sensitivity can return almost immediately. 
Toothpastes will also not cover up the discoloration that
can occur with recession.

A more permanent fix is to get a filling placed where the gums
have moved away from the enamel.

Here is a tooth experiencing recession.
The enamel is no longer going all the way to the gums.
The brown portion between the enamel and the gums
is the root structure.

Here we have the same tooth after a filling has been placed.
There is no longer a brown line. 
The filling will now isolate the root structure.
The sensitivity should now be gone and the aesthetics is much better as well.