Thursday, November 12, 2015

Fluoride is poison. And why I will give it to my kids everyday.

Fluoride can be poisonous. 

But I will keep giving it to my kids every day.
And will also continue to recommend it to my patients.

Why???!!! You may ask. 

Because, as one of the famous fathers of the field of toxicology,
 Paracelcus, once said, "The Dose Makes the Poison."

It's all about the DOSE.
ANYTHING can kill you if taken in the wrong dose. 

Water Toxicity is a condition where too much water is  ingested, 
 bringing on hyponatremia. Water can then enter the brain
leading to severe electrolyte imbalances, brain swelling, and death.  
And that's just water. 
So ....... water ........ can be poison!!!!!!!

But just like you wouldn't stop drinking water please don't stop 
using fluoride to assist in keeping your teeth healthy and strong. 
Fluoride, IN THE PROPER AMOUNTS, has been proven, 
in thousands of studies, to be completely safe and effective.

Don't be like this guy.

Monday, November 9, 2015

The Dangers of Lip Rings

Take a look at the tooth below. 
What happened?!
The gums above this tooth are way higher up then they should be. 
The gums of the other teeth look unaffected. 
How does only 1 tooth sustain such damage?

In THIS case.
A lip ring. 

In this picture you can see that I have pulled the lip back.
You can still see the damaged tooth in the back ground.
But in between my fingers is the culprit.
That white disk is the backing for the patients lip ring.
That disk has rubbed the gums right off of the tooth.
And since the gum recession was so bad the root of the
tooth was exposed and the tooth became much more 
susceptible to decay.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be careful with lip rings.
Plastic is better then metal but anything rubbing against 
another surface can cause damage over time.