Thursday, September 29, 2016

My child hasn't lost any teeth yet. Should I be worried?

I get lots of anxious parents coming into my office asking me
if they should be worried about their child who hasn't lost any teeth yet.

We live in a society built on comparisons. 
We can't help it. 
You think your home is big .... until the neighbors build one bigger. 
You think your car is awesome ...... until the new model comes out.
Etc Etc Etc

So that is what is happening with most of these parents. 
They think that their kid is normal ..... but then they see the neighbor's
kids loosing teeth and they start to question their kid's normalcy. 

Well parents, just relax. 
In about 97.625% of cases your kid's teeth will fall out on their own
and everything will turn out totally okay. 
In a few cases, not many, your child may need help getting their teeth out. 

Here is a chart to give you the AVERAGE age a child will lose their teeth.
Remember this is a AVERAGE (see how I am typing it in caps ; )
That means that half of kids will be older then the graph suggests
and half will be older.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

"It's like pulling teeth!"

When people think something is hard sometimes they say .....
"It's like pulling teeth!"

Well, here is exactly what they mean. 
I extracted this tooth today. 
One of the roots makes a complete 90 degree turn!
Inside of solid bone!

It's kind of like trying to pull  a fence post out of the ground 
if 5 feet under the ground the fence post bends 90 degrees.

So yah, it's hard.