Friday, December 28, 2012

Getting those Old Metal Fillings Changed Out

Lots of us have them, but few of us will ever want to do anything with them. And, that’s just fine.

Metal fillings were, are, and can still be a very good filling material. However, if you do not like the look of the metal or the tooth is starting to decay around the metal, then perhaps changing it out isn’t a bad idea.

Before Removing Old Metal Filling

Here is a tooth after we finished removing the old metal filling and replacing it with a new, more tooth like, filling material. Quick, easy, and relatively painless (as dentistry goes).

After Replacing Old Metal Filling

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

To Get your Tooth back

Many of you do not know what it is like to not have a tooth. In a spot where there has always been one. For those of you that do know what it’s like to lose a tooth, hopefully you also know what it’s like to get that tooth back in.

Here is a patient of ours that lost one of their front four teeth.

Before Dental Bridge 12192012

Being that its one of the front four, it was kind of a dire need.

Here is a picture of a bridge that we put in place to give the patient the look, and feel, of having a tooth in that space.

After Dental Bridge 12192012

If you have lost a tooth, do not despair. These days, there are many treatment options available for you to get that tooth back.

Dr. Jim Ellis, DDS
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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Are dental implants a serious surgery?

Any time you must undergo surgery of any kind I would
never consider it "no big deal".

Life is precious and we should never undertake anything
without serious thought.

There is however, of course, a scale of seriousness
which I would place different surgical procedures on. 

For instance, if I am going to get a mole removed I would 
consider that of a less serious nature then a heart transplant.

(Artificial Heart)

( Diagram of a real heart.)
So where does a tooth implant lie on this scale?

Well, it should be considered as more serious then a mole.
When placing implants there are risks of bleeding complications.
Nerve damage, jaw fracture, sinus involvement, and necrosis of 
the jaw are also things to consider.

But if properly treatment planned these risks can be greatly minimized.

Below you will see a diagram of a tooth implant.

Its a titanium screw.
No moving parts are pieces.
Far less complex then most people think.
A natural tooth is removed and the false one is put in its place.

The point.

If I was getting my heart replaced I would make sure to tell
everyone I love them, just in case.

If I am going to get an implant placed. 
I would simply, rent a movie on my way home.

If you think you may be a candidate simply talk to your dentist
about implants and ask if they are right for you.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Do dentists lay your upside down at the office??

It's funny how there is perception, then there is reality.
The first picture illustrates how most people are positioned
when they are getting work done at the dentist office.

This second picture is how people think they are positioned when they
are having work done at the dental office.

I PROMISE, dentists (at least this dentist) does not
put anyone, even close, to upside down when you
are in the office getting work done.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Finished Bonding Case.

Many cases only require bonding on the upper arch.
And many only between the 2 front teeth.
This case required bonding on the bottom also.

About an hour.
No numbing.
Cheap as a few fillings.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Brand New Smile!!

This is Mrs. B
When Mrs. B was young she got into some trouble with her two front teeth.
From that point on she has been dealing with on and off discomfort.
She finally decided it was time to do something.

She decided it was simply time to part ways with her 2 front teeth.
She also decided that while she was at it she would get a whole new smile.

Here is Mrs. B before.

Here is Mrs. B after.

Mrs. B now has plans to bleach her bottom teeth so that
everything will match up nicely.
She is very happy with her new smile.

If you have teeth that have been bothering you for a long time
and you just don't know what to do, maybe something like this
could be in your future.