Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ogden Dentist: When do Adult Teeth form?

I get asked this a lot. The answer to this question is that adult teeth form very early on in life. This is why the American Dental Association (ADA) recommends fluoride at an early age.

In the picture below, you will see the side view of a child’s skull. I would estimate this child to be about 3 years old, give or take. Some of the jaw bone has been removed to show the adult teeth developing. As you can see, the crowns of the adult teeth have already been formed. Even the 12 year molar (the last tooth visible) has formed most of its crown and it wouldn't have come into this person’s mouth for another 9 years!

Child’s Skull - Adult Teeth developing

Moral of the story is that ...

It’s never too soon to start thinking about your children’s adult teeth. Get them fluoride early and continue it until the dentist advises you to stop.

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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Finally ready to Make the Change!

Dr. Jim Ellis (dentist in Ogden, UT): Before & After Cosmetic Dentistry

We will call this patient Mr. Books (Mr. B). Reason for this is that you will never see him without his book. Driving, working, getting dentistry done, you name it.

Anyway, Mr. B had had things happen to his front teeth over the years. A little chip here, a cavity there, but never anything too extreme. None of his front teeth had ever needed a crown, root canal, or anything to that level.

However, the cumulative effect of the years had started to take its toll. So Mr. B, with some help from Mrs. B  :-) , decided it was time to do something.

Mr. B got crowns on his front 6 teeth. He is happy, and perhaps more importantly, so is Mrs B. How can you not love that crooked little smile!

Mr. B's Front Teeth (BEFORE

Ogden Dentist BEFORE: Cosmetic Dentistry for Mr. B


Mr. B's Front Teeth (AFTER

Ogden Dentist AFTER: Cosmetic Dentistry for Mr. B

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Tooth Discoloration (Before & After)

Teeth can discolor for many reasons. Most everyone will experience a general discoloration of their teeth as they age. This is normal. And, there are many ways by which this situation can be remedied.
There can also be discoloration of only one tooth. This is much less common then the generalized discoloration but is still fairly common in its own right. This is typically due to trauma, with or without a root canal. A tooth that has suffered blunt force trauma may turn color.

The picture below is an example. This tooth suffered trauma and then needed a root canal. The tooth turned very dark and the patient wanted it changed.

Ogden Dentist BEFORE: Tooth Discoloration

The after picture is simply the temporary crown. The final crowns will look even better.

 Ogden Dentist AFTER: Tooth Discoloration

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SOURCE: http://www.bestogdendentist.com/2013/01/tooth-discoloration-before-after/

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Groovy Teeth! (Before & After)

Teeth have several surfaces where cavities can begin to form. Many cavities however, form on the grooves that are located on the biting surfaces of the teeth. These grooves trap food and can be tricky to clean out.

Here is a BEFORE and AFTER picture of a tooth with cavities located in the grooves, and then after the grooves have been cleaned out and a filling placed.

BEFORE: Cavities in the Grooves Ogden Dentist BEFORE: Groovy Tooth

AFTER: Cleaned out Grooves with Dental Filling Ogden Dentist AFTER: Groovy Tooth

Moral of this story being that ...
              when you brush your teeth make sure that you.
Clean out the grooves really well. This will help you avoid unwanted trips to the dentist.

Dr. Jim Ellis, DDS
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SOURCE: http://www.bestogdendentist.com/2013/01/groovy-teeth-before-after/

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Steps to Dental Implant

This 20 something patient (wanting only to be identified as J-Unit) came into our office with a loose tooth. To be 20-something and have a loose tooth is not common. There was no memory of trauma to the tooth at all and from the oral exam everything looked alright.

We then took this x-ray and found out that the tooth was literally disintegrating below the level of the bone. Not from a cavity due to the placement of the disintegration but an unknown event that had caused the tooth to become hopeless and needing extraction.

Ogden Dental Implant - Step 1

So, we extracted the tooth and placed an implant. 
Ogden Dental Implant - Step 2

Several weeks later, we placed the connecting piece that allows the new crown to be connected to the implant.
 Ogden Dental Implant - Step 3

Then finally, we placed the finished tooth.
Ogden Dental Implant - Step 4

The patient now has a new tooth that is NOT loose. One of the patient’s goals was to not touch any of the other teeth, as in a bridge. This was accomplished with the implant. Implants are a great way to restore missing teeth.

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SOURCE: http://www.bestogdendentist.com/2013/01/steps-to-dental-implant/

Friday, January 4, 2013

Ogden Dentist: What is Laughing Gas?

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

Technically speaking, Laughing Gas is Nitrous Oxide or N20. Here is a nice little diagram of its chemical make-up.

Nitrous Oxide Diagram

We use laughing gas to take the "edge" off. When someone is nervous about a situation than any little stimulus will seem bigger than it actually is. This is true for the dentist office as well. Routine procedures can become overwhelming to dental phobic patients. We therefore administer gas to remove that overly tense feel and make the routine seem routine again. The effect of the gas creates a slightly euphoric state in people. Feelings of floating or tingling all over are very common. But most of all, it just makes you more relaxed. It is a very safe product to use and unless you have some sort of respiratory problem or are pregnant almost anyone can safely use it.

To tell you what exactly it does would sound something like this ...
It seems N2O-induced release of endogenous opioids causes disinhibition of brain stem noradrenergic neurons, which release norepinephrine into the spinal cord and inhibit pain signaling.
But since most people have no idea what that means, just trust me when I tell you that it works, its safe, and you feel much better for having it. :-D

Dr. Jim Ellis, DDS
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SOURCE: http://www.bestogdendentist.com/2013/01/what-is-laughing-gas/