Saturday, January 19, 2013

Finally ready to Make the Change!

Dr. Jim Ellis (dentist in Ogden, UT): Before & After Cosmetic Dentistry

We will call this patient Mr. Books (Mr. B). Reason for this is that you will never see him without his book. Driving, working, getting dentistry done, you name it.

Anyway, Mr. B had had things happen to his front teeth over the years. A little chip here, a cavity there, but never anything too extreme. None of his front teeth had ever needed a crown, root canal, or anything to that level.

However, the cumulative effect of the years had started to take its toll. So Mr. B, with some help from Mrs. B  :-) , decided it was time to do something.

Mr. B got crowns on his front 6 teeth. He is happy, and perhaps more importantly, so is Mrs B. How can you not love that crooked little smile!

Mr. B's Front Teeth (BEFORE

Ogden Dentist BEFORE: Cosmetic Dentistry for Mr. B


Mr. B's Front Teeth (AFTER

Ogden Dentist AFTER: Cosmetic Dentistry for Mr. B

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