Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Steps to Dental Implant

This 20 something patient (wanting only to be identified as J-Unit) came into our office with a loose tooth. To be 20-something and have a loose tooth is not common. There was no memory of trauma to the tooth at all and from the oral exam everything looked alright.

We then took this x-ray and found out that the tooth was literally disintegrating below the level of the bone. Not from a cavity due to the placement of the disintegration but an unknown event that had caused the tooth to become hopeless and needing extraction.

Ogden Dental Implant - Step 1

So, we extracted the tooth and placed an implant. 
Ogden Dental Implant - Step 2

Several weeks later, we placed the connecting piece that allows the new crown to be connected to the implant.
 Ogden Dental Implant - Step 3

Then finally, we placed the finished tooth.
Ogden Dental Implant - Step 4

The patient now has a new tooth that is NOT loose. One of the patient’s goals was to not touch any of the other teeth, as in a bridge. This was accomplished with the implant. Implants are a great way to restore missing teeth.

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