Thursday, March 23, 2017

Dental Implant

Lots of people want to know what exactly happens 
during a dental implant procedure.

Well, here it is from start to finish. 

#1 Patient comes into the office with a tooth broken off at the gums. 

#2 Tooth is extracted and implant is placed.
VERY IMPORTANT point her is that the person does 
NOT leave with a tooth at this point. 
The "implant" is merely the titanium screw that sits in the bone.
There is a period of healing that now has to happen. 

#3 Once healing has happened a connecting piece is placed onto the implant.
An impression of the piece is then taken. 
The final crown will cement down over this connector. 

#4 Here is a picture of the tooth in place. 
It is now completed. The 3 pieces (implant , connector, and tooth)
are all secured to one another and the patient is ready to
return to full function.