Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Crazy Wisdom Teeth

Hare are 3 of the craziest wisdom teeth that I have ever seen. 
And they all happen to be in the very same patient!!
Pointing backwards, completely upside down, and in the 
totally wrong place.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

"I'll fix that cracked tooth later."

I tell people, on many occasions, that they have a crack in their tooth. Some people choose to fix the cracks asap. Others choose to put it off. Some people put it off for financial reasons, which is totally understandable. But some will simply say, "I will just wait till it breaks then you can fix the break". And sometimes that works. Other times it ends up like this tooth. There was a crack in the tooth. The crack progressed until the tooth broke. The brown line represents the gum line of the patient. The tooth fractured below the gums, below the bone, and almost all the way to the end of the tooth. So what can be done about a crack that bad?! Well, there is a reason the tooth sitting on my desk on a piece of gauze. Get the cracks fixed!