Thursday, December 13, 2012

Are dental implants a serious surgery?

Any time you must undergo surgery of any kind I would
never consider it "no big deal".

Life is precious and we should never undertake anything
without serious thought.

There is however, of course, a scale of seriousness
which I would place different surgical procedures on. 

For instance, if I am going to get a mole removed I would 
consider that of a less serious nature then a heart transplant.

(Artificial Heart)

( Diagram of a real heart.)
So where does a tooth implant lie on this scale?

Well, it should be considered as more serious then a mole.
When placing implants there are risks of bleeding complications.
Nerve damage, jaw fracture, sinus involvement, and necrosis of 
the jaw are also things to consider.

But if properly treatment planned these risks can be greatly minimized.

Below you will see a diagram of a tooth implant.

Its a titanium screw.
No moving parts are pieces.
Far less complex then most people think.
A natural tooth is removed and the false one is put in its place.

The point.

If I was getting my heart replaced I would make sure to tell
everyone I love them, just in case.

If I am going to get an implant placed. 
I would simply, rent a movie on my way home.

If you think you may be a candidate simply talk to your dentist
about implants and ask if they are right for you.


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