Thursday, May 17, 2012

Problems with braces part II.

Yesterday we talked about people getting increased amounts
of cavities when they have braces on. 

Today we will talk about some ways to decrease those cavities.

First, is to simply increase the amount of brushing you do.
Keep a brush in your car, desk at work, locker at school, etc.
Brushing more then the standard twice a day is key.

Second, rinsing with a fluoridated mouth wash is a fabulous idea.
Many companies have them now, Act, Listerine, Colgate, etc.
These rinses will keep up your teeth's defenses to decay.

Third, watch what you eat.
Do NOT eat anything that is sticky.
First time you try to pick gummy bears out of your braces you will
understand why I said this, and most everything sticky is very high in sugar.

Finally, there are a lot of ingenious ideas that people have come up with
to help people with their flossing while in braces.
As the traditional "wrapping the floss around the fingers" thing
doesn't work to well here are some things that might. 

This final one is a water pick. 
Not exactly a flosser but it will do wonders to blow out the stuff
that is hiding around the brackets of your braces.

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