Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What is a "dry socket"?

The term Dry Socket is one of the most feared, 
and most misunderstood, in the field of dentistry.

Whenever we take out wisdom teeth people will 
often ask if they are going to get dry socket.

Dry socket is very simple to understand.
After a tooth is pulled out of the jaw
 the surrounding tissues will begin to bleed.
This is a very good thing.
The blood will fill the socket, where the tooth used to be, 
and a blood clot will begin to form.

A blood clot in a socket is kind of like a scab over a cut.
It serves to protect the injured areas until healing can complete.

A dry socket will occur when, for whatever reason, 
the blood clot comes out.
If the blood clot comes out then the bone of the socket
will dry out. Thus, Dry Socket.

Dry bone is very painful bone.
It is most assuredly something to be avoided.

Tomorrow we will discuss how to avoid dry socket and how it is treated.

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