Tuesday, April 3, 2012

There is always on option.

Our patient had a tough decision on her hands.
She lost her side, front tooth. 
She wasn't a good candidate for implants so that was out.
She also had a bridge that already included her front teeth.
So what to do.

Fuzzy (sorry) picture of the missing tooth and the canine
tooth that we will be using.
The canine tooth has already been prepared so it 
appears a little shorter then it normally would.

Here are the new crowns that will soon be placed in the 
patient's mouth.
The crown is going to go over the canine and the other
tooth is just hanging off of the canine crown.

Here are the crowns in place.
So we were able to save the front teeth crowns and
still manage to replace her missing tooth without
doing an implant.

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