Monday, April 30, 2012

Root Canal 101

Okay so what exactly occurs during a root canal procedure?
Here are 3 pictures to show you exactly what happens.
First you come in with a tooth that is hurting.

After all the proper determinations are made as to which tooth and why
a root canal procedure may be started.
The black space in the middle of the tooth is where the nerve lives.
We need to gain access to that space to remove the nerve tissue.
The long white object jutting out of the tooth is referred to as a file. 
We use files to clean, shape, and gauge length of the inside of the tooth.

After much cleaning, shaping, rinsing, medicating, etc. etc. the space that
used to house the nerve now houses a ruberized material.
The hope now is that the tooth will no longer be capable of  sending
signals to the brain that are interpreted as pain.

The tooth then can either have a filling placed into the hole used to 
access the nerve chamber or a crown could be placed.
You and your dentist will need to discuss what options are best for you.

Now, obviously this is the ideal, and complications can make root canals
more difficult to complete. But hopefully things go smoothly and you
are out of pain relatively quickly after the procedure is complete.

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  1. Dr. Jim Ellis was able to get me an emergency appointment because I had a tooth that was killing me! The Root Canal was painless, and a day later I was so relieved of pain, I was back to normal life! Thanks Dr. Ellis! Best dentist ever!