Monday, April 16, 2012

I don't have dental insurance.

Just going to get up on a little dental soap box for a second.

I have people come into my office all the time with a really bad toothache.
I ask these folks why it is that they didn't come in sooner.
The answer that I get, a lot of the time, is that they didn't have dental insurance.

Now, this answer does have its merits.
Dental insurance does in deed help with the cost of dental care.

However, there is another side the story.

Say you have a small cavity.
This cavity would cost, lets say, $100 to fix.
If you let that small cavity go however, you may need a root canal.
A root canal would cost about $500.
If you needed a crown after the root canal then we need to add another $800.

So what would have cost you $100 will now cost you $1,300.
You still have no insurance but now you do not have a choice to
fix the problem because it is killing you.

The far better solution would be to come in and get the
problem fixed when it is small.

Financial arrangements can easily be made to accommodate anyone
who may be struggling to come up with the funds.

Save time, money, pain, and multiple trips to the dental office.
If there is a problem PLEASE do not put it off.

Your teeth and your wallet will thank you.

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