Thursday, April 12, 2012

How hard will it be to pull out my wisdom teeth?

Anytime we tell someone that they need to take out their wisdom teeth
this is the question that we get most commonly asked.

The answer is that it varies tremendously.

How easy is it to deliver a baby?
Well, some women are in labor for 48 hours and
some babies get born in the car on the way to the hospital.
You never know.

Here is a case that we did the other day.

We will go through the 4 wisdom teeth. 

#1 Upper left on the screen was the easiest tooth of all. 
That's because we didn't even take it out. 
Its too far up and might not ever come in.
If it does we can deal with it then but its pretty high.

#2 Upper right on the screen was 2nd easiest.
That one took about 1 minute to remove.

#3 was a little tougher. About 10 minutes on that one.
One of the roots had a little hook on it so the pressure
needed to remove it was a little increased from the upper one.

#4 was the toughest. This tooth took 30 minutes to remove.
As we were removing the tooth it fractured. 
This simply means that there was much less tooth to grab onto.
We then removed the roots one at a time (3 of them).

So there you have it.
1 patient 4 wisdom teeth and 4 different difficulties of tooth removal.

So next time you want to ask your dentist how long it would
take to get your wisdom teeth out just realize that he may
be able to give you a rough estimate but that anything, good
or bad, is possible.

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