Wednesday, February 1, 2012

How about a tongue tattoo?

I thought I had talked about all I could talk about on this 
blog, but it appears as I may have been mistaken.

It seems as though there is a new phenomenon out there
of getting a tattoo on your tongue.

I have nothing against those that choose to have a tattoo.

Getting a tattoo on your tongue however, may cause me some concern.

Your tongue is very very sensitive.
More nerve endings per surface area then anywhere else in your body.
Don't believe me?
If a stray hair lands anywhere on your body you probably wouldn't feel it.
Get a stray hair in your mouth and your tongue can feel it in an instant.
There are also many more blood vessels in this are then in most other parts of the body.

Thus, getting a tattoo on your tongue would pose some concerns to me.

First is your sense of taste.
If your morning hot chocolate/coffee is a little to hot you burn your tongue.
The spot that you burned is unable to taste for several hours.
I can only imagine that dragging a small needle across your tongue and then
depositing ink would have some of the same effects.

Second is the chance of infection.
Some of my more avid body piercing friends say that the mouth is very sterile and 
that there are enzymes to take care of any infections in the mouth.
If that were totally true then I wouldn't need to prescribe any antibiotics after
tooth extractions. I could just let these enzymes take over.
No matter how sterile that mouth may be the stuff that goes into it is not.
So unless you stop eating and drinking for a while after the procedure.
Every straw, fork, piece of food, etc that enters your mouth will carry bacteria on it.
Bacteria need warmth, food, and water to multiply. Your mouth has all in abundance.
Not to mention tons of little places where they can go hide out.
Therefore, the chances of infection are increased over other body parts.

Now I need to point out that I really doubt that anyone has taken the time
to do a long term study on tongue tattooing. 

I just happen to think that it may not be the greatest idea in history.

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