Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Does Grandpa have loose dentures?

It happens all the time.
Grandpa/Grandma/You have a top denture that fits
great but the lower denture is awful.
There is help.
2 implants need to be placed in the lower jaw.
Each one of those implants will have a gold housing on top of it.
These housings have undercuts in them that will serve as retention for the denture.
The old denture then gets holes drilled into it and metal
receptors with o-rings place in the holes.

These receptors with the o-rings will fit down over the implant housings and
secure the denture to the jaw.

It works very well and people are very happy that their denture is
no longer floating around in their mouth.

1 comment:

  1. Loose dentures can make you feel uncomfortable. Going through that implant can take away the discomfort you feel when wearing dentures. You'll forget that you're actually wearing one.

    - Jane Tinkle