Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Periodontitis is a condition where the gums and bone that surround your
teeth slowly deteriorate due to large amounts of, unremoved, bacteria.

I have seen perfectly healthy teeth be pulled out of someones mouth with
their own fingers because the gums and bone could no longer support them.

It is an absolute must that you get into your dentist at lease once a year to
get the bacteria plaque and other contaminants removed from your teeth
to maintain good gum and bone health.

Here are some healthy gums.

Here are some gums that are in trouble.
One of the symptoms of periodontal disease is swollen, red, painful gums.

This patient is also in trouble.
Another symptom of periodontal disease is that your teeth will begin to loosen up.
As the bone looses its ability to hold the teeth in
you teeth will shift and, or drop out of the gums.

Please please please get to your dentist for a good cleaning BEFORE your
mouth begins to resemble one of these last two pictures.

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