Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What is wrong here?

There could be many things wrong, but the thing
that I am choosing to focus on is the missing teeth.

Many people think that it is okay to just remove one tooth. 
That nothing could possible happen.

Well, that is just not the case.

Teeth are held in place, in large part, by the teeth around them.
Teeth are only so tall because they run into the teeth in the other jaw.
Teeth are only so far forward in your mouth because of the teeth next
to them in the same jaw.

By pulling a tooth you may set in motion a whole lot of tooth movement
that you did not want and or plan on.

Your speech patterns.
Your ability to chew properly.
And the look of your smile may all be negatively effected.

Here is a picture of someone who had front teeth extracted.
Their other teeth are no shifting sideways.

This is an x-ray of someone that had back teeth extracted.
This shows the teeth further back tipping into the open spaces.

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