Thursday, March 8, 2012

What's on the inside of my tooth?

Your teeth are hollow.
The hollow chamber contains the blood vessels 
and nerves that give your teeth, life.

A root canal is simply the process of accessing this
chamber and scrubbing it clean of all its contents
so that it can't cause you anymore pain.

This is the inside of a molar. 
We were almost completed with a root canal when
I decided to snap this picture.

Since this is an upper molar it has 3 roots on it.
Typically each root has one canal in it.

After the inside has been scrubbed clean the
canals are then filled with a rubberized material.

The hole we make to access the nerve chamber is then
filled with a typical filling material used to fill cavities.

The pink stuff you can see inside the tooth
is the rubberized material that has already
been placed down into the canals.

Here is a X-Ray of the molar before we worked on it.
Notice in the teeth that there is a black line down the center, 
that is the hollow space where the nerves reside.

Now instead of black lines you can see white lines.
Those white lines are the rubberized material.
If all goes well this tooth will no longer cause the patient any more trouble.

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  1. This root canal info is definitely handy for everyone. It's important that we all know how to take care of our teeth, as they are a very significant part of our holistic wellness.

    -Brendon Spaziani