Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One tooth shorter then the other?

Toddlers will fall.
That is just a fact of life.
They go running down the sidewalk and then some unseen force
will give them a big push from the back and down they go.
Hopefully when this happens they catch themselves with their hands.
If they don't however, they will end up catching themselves with their
forehead, noses, or teeth.

If they catch themselves with their teeth then several things can happen.
#1 They can get knocked out.
#2 They can break.
#3 They can actually get knocked back into the jaw.

It is this third option that I will talk of briefly.

When a child gets an upper front tooth pushed back into
the jaw from where it came it is called an intrusion. 

This is, typically, not a big deal.
The baby teeth should fall out right on schedule.
One side effect may be the death of the tooth that has 
suffered the trauma.
This would require a small root canal being done on the 
tooth and perhaps a filling to cover an color change that
the tooth may undergo as a result.
Another, less common, result of these types of injuries
would be some slight damage to the adult tooth above the 
injured baby tooth. 
Only time will tell what the adult tooth will look like when 
it comes in and there is nothing that can be done before hand.

No matter the extent of the accident however, it is always a
good idea to get your child into a dentist as soon as possible 
after an accident.

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