Friday, March 9, 2012

Implant continued.

We were back with our good buddy Collinn today.
I changed the spelling of his name to protect his innocence. 

Collinn had a root canal that failed (not mine :) )
The dark area at the end of the tooth denotes infection 
originating from the failing root canal.

This is the site after the extraction occurred. 
The area was also cleaned of infection 
and a bone graft was placed.

Here is a picture of the implant that was placed 
about 4 weeks after the extraction took place. 
the top of the implant is right at the bone level
and the infected area looks to be healing nicely.

After 6 weeks (this morning) the abutment (top of the implant) was placed.
This part is what what the new crown will sit on.

 Things are going swimmingly.
Within 2 weeks we will have the final crown in place
and Collinn will be back to is good old self.

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  1. You are assuming he has innocence to be protecting.