Wednesday, April 6, 2016


I see people with with teeth problems all the time. 
I'm a dentist.
There are many reasons for the problems. 
Some have financial issues.
Some don't care.
Some are from drug, or other abuse.

But the saddest of all the cases is the person who has
bad teeth because they remember how bad it was the
last time and they couldn't bring themselves to do it again.

The problem with most of these people is that the bad experience
happened, sometime, 20 years ago. 

Why is that the saddest case?
Because things are sooooo different then they used to be.
What was your cell phone like 20 years ago?
Your television, car, etc etc. 

Things change over time. Dentistry is no different. 
Those people will tell me, "I can't stand that Novocaine stuff"!
Well .... we haven't used Novocaine in 15 years.

PLEASE do not let the things that happened in the past,
especially the long ago pat, dictate the things that you will do today.

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