Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Electric Toothbrushes

Which is better, an Electric toothbrush or a Manual?

The answer, and overwhelmingly so, is that an electric
toothbrush will get your teeth more clean then a manual
brush (used properly, of course). 


How many times the head of the brush moves across 
the tooth is the key. Every brush stroke is a cleaning stroke.

An electric toothbrush can move, up to, 40,000 times per minute.
I don't know how fast your hand is, but it probably is close to that. 
Therefore, the electric brush moves across each tooth more often then a manual. 

So why wouldn't you get one of them?

Some electric brushes can be up to $200!!
If only you could find an electric toothbrush that did a great job,
but was also affordable as well. 

Well............ your search is over!!

"I", Dr Jim Ellis decided to do something about my patients
getting gouged by the big toothbrush companies. 
I designed, tested, and had manufactured a sonic toothbrush
that has all of the high quality components of the leading brushes
but is around half the price.

How is that possible?!
Well, I don't have millions of dollars a year to pay in expensive
television advertising. I have a little blog. 

So, if you have always wanted an electric brush but never 
wanted to pay the expensive price of one then check it out. 

Designed by a dentist, with patients in mind.

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