Monday, April 18, 2016

Should I cover my toothbrush at night?

There is a decent debate, among the general public, as to 
whether or not you should cover your toothbrush when you are 
done using it, or simply let it air dry.

Those who say it needs to be cover will state that every time you
flush your toilet, germs come hurdling up out of the bowl
and cover everything in site. Thus, if your toothbrush is 
uncovered the bristles will get caked in these germs. 

Well, I sure hope this isn't the case. Because my towels, handles to 
my faucet and soap dispenser all all uncovered all the time.
It would be a shame if I was drying off with a poop germ 
covered towel every morning. 

So I did some research. I looked to see if there were any studies
done on the matter of toothbrushes being less germy in, or out
of a toothbrush head cover. 

And it turns out that the American Dental Association says:
"Do not routinely cover toothbrushes or store them in closed containers. A moist environment such as a closed container is more conducive to the growth of microorganisms than the open air."

 So, according to the ADA, placing your moist brush in an 
enclosed environment actually is MORE conducive to the 
brush getting germy then leaving it out to air dry.

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