Monday, June 24, 2013

What a drain in the neck!

What a drain in the neck!  What is going on in this picture? 

Well I will tell you. The patient had a tooth that went bad. The tooth started to produce infection. The infection needed some place to go. Typically the infection will produce a bump (abscess) on the gums. In this case however the infection decided it would work its way out the bottom of his neck. What you are looking at is a small piece of rubber tubing that is stitched into and incision in the patient's neck. This is what is termed in the medical community as a drain. This drain is attempting to allow all of the infection in this mans mouth and neck come out. This is definitely a rare case but it can happen. Do NOT let things get out of hand with your teeth. 

Last thing you want is someone saying, "So what is that thing in your neck?"  

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