Friday, June 14, 2013

My eye!!!

Everyone knows that having dry eyes are bad.
If its caused by hot dry weather, medication, allergies,
age, etc. its no fun when your eyes are dry.

And it seems as though people seem to have a pretty good handle 
on stopping their eyes from being dry.

People will take their allergy meds, or reach for over the counter
solutions to place directly into their eyes to moisten them.

But what about dry mouth?
It seems as though people do not realize what to do about
dry mouth or even know what causes it.

Dry mouth is bad. 
And it can be very bad.
Dry teeth are essentially dead teeth waiting to happen.
Saliva plays a huge roll in protecting your teeth from the 
effects of the bacteria that cause cavities.
Without the saliva (dry mouth) the teeth are sitting ducks for the 
effects of the bacteria.

The causes of Dry mouth are varied.
Age, medications, and genetics are all part of the equation.

And just like treating dry eyes there are things that can, 
and should be, done in relation to treating dry mouth.

First is to identify the cause.
If its medications then talk to the doctor that is putting you on those
meds and discuss other possible options and medications.

If it is age or genetics then there are steps you can take. 
First is to always carry a water bottle with you.
It is not the quantity of water you drink but the frequency 
with which you drink it.
Always keeping your mouth moist is key.

There are also several over the counter medications 
to assist people with dry mouth.
Toothpastes, mouthwashes, mouth sprays, etc, are all available.

Take home point here is that if you suffer from dry mouth
do not let things go too long before you address the situation.

Dry mouth, just like dry eyes, if left untreated can have very long lasting
and severe effects. 

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