Monday, January 9, 2012

You may need an apicoectomy?

I may need a what!?

Okay, its not something you hear everyday but its something that can
be very helpful if you find your self with a failing root canal.

Root canals do not always work.
Just as a knee replacement or a back surgery may 
not always work, the same is true with a root canal.

So what can be done if a root canal you got is starting to hurt
and possibly become infected?

One option is called an apicoectomy.
This procedure is not for every instance.
Proximity to the sinus cavity and/or nerves 
may make this procedure impossible.

But if your tooth is a candidate then this is how it works.
Below is a picture of a tooth with an infection at the end
that has already had a root canal.

A small access to the root of the tooth is made 
by making a small incision into the gums and then the underlying bone.
The infected area and tip of the root is removed.
This will allow the root canal and tooth to remain intact 
while still removing the infection.
After the infection is removed the gum tissue is re-sealed and the healing can begin.
This procedure is very effective and does no further harm to the tooth.
This is especially important if the tooth was crowned after the root canal was finished.

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