Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Does my child need braces?

We get this question a lot.
And the answer is directly related to the definition of the word "need".

There are very few things that we "need" in life.
Water, food, and shelter being among them.

You only "need" to have braces if the misalignment of your teeth 
is so great that is causing you health problems.

Health problems such as the inability to eat properly, 
trouble speaking clearly, and/or experiencing extreme
amounts of tooth decay because your teeth are simply to hard to clean properly.

Other then these instances braces are a "want" and not a "need".
It is simply a cosmetic issue at that point.
Do women "need" to die their hair when it turns gray?
Do men "need" to trim their eyebrows when they get over 3 inches long?

So the determination of whether or not your child "needs" braces is
pretty much up to you and your child. 

For more information on braces and all other things orthodontic 
you can talk to your dentist or contact an orthodontist directly.


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