Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Oh the dreaded New Years Resolutions. 
We all make them and then by February we have all broken them.
My opinion is that we set our goals to high. 
Start small, get that nailed down then up the goal throughout the year.
So what awesome goal could I be suggesting as your dentist.
Well its not awesome but it is a goal that most of us need to set.

Its flossing.
I know, boring.
But the number one cause of cavities in my office is due to a lack of flossing.
You can brush 5 times a day and still have a mouth full of cavities.
The reason for this is because no matter how hard you push the 
bristles on your toothbrush will NEVER get in between your teeth.
Flossing is the only way.

Now remember not to set the goal to high.
If you don't floss everyday lets start at 3 times a week. 
That will be enough to fight off most of the cavities.
After you get that down then we can move on to loftier goals.

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