Thursday, December 15, 2011

Free I-Pod with Brain Surgery

Would you get your brain surgery from a surgeon who advertised that
you would get a free I-Pod if you got your surgery from him?

Would you get a knee replacement from a guy who offered a free
DVD player with every knee replacement?
Of course not!

These things are too important to trust to someone who may be doing
a terrible job on people and is simply trying lure people in with free stuff.

Please use this same logic when you choose your dentist.

Your teeth mean more to you then you will ever know.
Good looking teeth will help in your self confidence, relationships, getting a job,
respect of co-workers, neighbors, etc.

What do you think of when you see someone with no teeth, missing teeth,
badly stained teeth, etc?

You may place labels on them that are not all that flattering.
These labels may not be true but someone that has a horrible looking
smile may be overlooked for someone, less qualified, but with a better looking smile.

Getting freebies is cool.
But get the freebies from Old Navy or some place like that.

DO NOT get your freebies from someone that will be providing medical or
dental care to you that may effect you the rest of your life.

Ask around.
Get referrals.
Ask to see before and after pictures.
Know before you go.

If you really want the free I-Pod that is great.
Just don't be shocked if the teeth you end up with don't match your expectations.

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