Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How do I know if I need a Root Canal?

Teeth are like any other part of your body.
Sometimes they may have a funny little pain here and there. 
Sometimes these pains come one minute and are gone the next
and sometimes they come and stick around for a while longer.

So how do you know if your tooth is in real trouble and not
just having some fleeting little discomfort?

These are the 3 questions that we ask folks to determine if 
they are having a serious problem and may need a root canal.

#1 Does your tooth hurt to chew on?

#2 Is your tooth sensitive to hot and cold temperature changes?

#3 Does your tooth ever start hurting for no reason (while watching tv etc.)?

If you answer yes to only 1 of these questions then the fix may fairly simple.

If you answer yes to all three, then the chances are that something 
much more involved may be needed.

No matter the case it is best to see your dentist if any discomfort 
lasts longer then a day.

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