Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Yet another reason to go to the dentist.

Say someone kidnaps you.
Say they then put an end to your life.
Say they don't want anyone to be able to identify you.
Say they cut off your fingers so no fingerprints can be taken.
Say they then set you on fire so you can't be visually identified.

This may seem extreme but it happens.
If you have been watching the news you will know they have found
about 13 bodies on a beach in New York dumped by a murderer.

So why is this on a dental blog?????
Because, one of the last lines of identification for
otherwise unidentifiable remains is the teeth.

No murderer thinks to take someones teeth out and
they will not typically disintegrate in a fire.

Forensic dentists will do a visual exam of the teeth and x-ray them as well.
They will look at how many teeth you have, which ones are missing,
how many crown you have, how many root canals, how many fillings, etc. etc.

These will all help the police find out who the victim is
and help reunite the body with the family.
And help bring the murderer to justice.

However, if you have not gone to the dentist for years and years no one
will have any records of you. No x-rays, no records of crowns, fillings, or anything.

The more often you go the more exact the records will be.

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