Monday, April 18, 2011

It's called a apicoectomy.

Its called a what!?

Okay, its not something you hear everyday but its something that can
be very helpful if you find your self with a failing root canal.

Root canals do not always work.
If my tooth hurt I would get one tomorrow.
So you know they are still very predictable.

However sometimes an infection can begin at the end of the tooth
even though a root canal has already been performed.
You could re-do the root canal but that can be difficult.
You can try to re-medicate but that may not be the answer either.
More often then not the best treatment is called an apicoectomy.

A small access to the root of the tooth is made and the infected area is removed.
This will allow the root canal and tooth to remain intact while still removing the infection.
After the infection is removed the gum tissue is re-sealed and the healing can begin.
This procedure is very effective and does no further harm to the tooth.
This is especially important if the tooth was crowned after the root canal was finished.
It is not possible to preform this procedure on all teeth but for most of them its a great option.

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