Monday, April 25, 2011

Its called Pericoronitis

That's right. You may have a Pericoronits.
It simple terms it is a little flap of skin that is hanging over the top of your last tooth.
Or it may be that the tooth isn't all the way in yet and its half covered by tissue.

Whichever it is, this tissue will tend to get inflamed from time to time.
When it does get inflamed chewing can become very painful.
The problem can be helped by swishing with a mouthwash and ridding the area of debris.

But this is only a short term solution.

What is the long term solution?

# 1 You can get the tooth that is partially erupted taken out.
That works well if the tooth happens to be a wisdom tooth.
But not so well if it happens to be a normal molar.

#2 You can get the tissue trimmed off.
This works very well for normal molars but not so well if the problem is a wisdom tooth.
Whatever the problem happens to be just know that you are not alone
in having this problem and that there are several simple solutions.

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