Thursday, November 3, 2016

Why do I need regular dental visits?

Some people refuse to come to the dentist unless it hurts 
or unless they can see something wrong in the mirror at their house.

These very same people are usually the ones that end up with the 
largest amount of crown, root canals, and broken teeth. 

Below is a perfect example of why REGULAR dental
visits are so important. 

The tooth below did not hurt. 
The patient couldn't see anything wrong with it. 

Once we took a digital image and blew it up a little however, 
the problem became very clear. 

There is a crack in the tooth. 
We were able to remove the cracked portion and place a new 
filling that will, hopefully, stop this small crack from progressing 
into a much larger problem in the future. 

The after image.

Please do not wait for pain, or actual tooth breakage, 
before you go see your dentist. 

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