Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What is a Root Canal?

People ask me all the time....
"So what exactly is a root canal"?

Well it's really not that complicated. 
Let's make it a little easier to understand shall we.

The inside of your teeth are hollow. 
There is a CANAL running through them like a 
canal that carries water.

The canals run down the entire length of the the ROOT.

The canals in your roots carry the nerves of the teeth. 
When the nerve dies, and/or becomes infected, it will cause
pain and/or infection. 

A root canal is simply going into the ROOT to clean out the CANAL. 

The picture here simplifies it really well. 
The tooth on the left has a cavity that has gotten down into the nerve.
After a root canal, the picture on the right, there is no longer a nerve in 
the canals. There is now a filling. 

No nerve .......... No pain. 

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