Wednesday, June 22, 2016

"Doc, help!! Moving my Jaw is Agony!!"

Patient came into the office the other day. 
He stated that he "hadn't eaten for 2 days"
due to intense pain. 

Click on the picture. 
It will blow up on the screen. 
See if you can see anything that might be look
different then anywhere else. 
We are pretty symmetrical as humans. 

There is another picture down below that will show you the problem. 

I asked if anything he knew had triggered the pain. 
He stated that he had gotten punched in the jaw
but that it didn't hurt too bad at the time. 
But that over the last 2 days it had been increasing in pain.

Well, click on the next picture. 
The red circle indicates where the patient's jaw is broken.
He had attempted to chew over the last two days with 
a broken jaw bone. 
Every time he went to chew the bones would move against each other. 
He went directly to the oral surgeon where he was wired shut. 
He will need to stay that way for 3 months. 

Simply "getting punched" can hurt. A lot. Not only physically
but the financial ramifications will also be pretty tough here. 

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  1. Second fracture below the left condyle! It's like a life saver....hard to break it in only one place!!! Poor guy!