Monday, October 12, 2015

How does a tooth implant work?

What are the steps in getting a dental implant?

Here we go. 
The tooth on the left had a root canal.
The root canal is failing. 

Step #1
Remove the tooth. 
No chisels or knees to the chest with the pliers.
Tooth removal can be very simple and pain free.

Step #2 
Place the implant.
When leaving the office after getting your implant
you won't even be able to see that anything has been done.
The top of the implant should be around the same
as the level of the bone.
And since the bone is under a layer of gums you 
won't be able to see it.

Step #3

Place the connecting piece.
In a "normal" crown to tooth relationship the crown will cement 
to the tooth.
In an crown to implant relationship the crown will cement to
the connector which is screwed into the implant.

 Step #4 
Place the crown on the connector. 
Here is the finished project. 
It is now ready for FULL function.
Once the entire project is done the crowned implant should
be treated just like any other tooth when it come to brushing,
flossing, chewing, etc. 

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