Thursday, October 29, 2015

Dentists and Halloween Candy

People always ask me what I do special for Halloween. "Do you give out toothbrushes"?  "Do you give out stickers and pencils?" "Do you buy candy?"

Buy Candy? Heck yah I buy candy. Then I put it in a bowl and give it to the kids that knock on my door. IT'S HALLOWEEN!!! 

I have eaten mine, or my kids, candy for years now. 41 years to be exact. And I have had 1 cavity. My whole life. That is not me bragging. That is me telling you all that eating candy at Halloween AND being cavity free is possible. 

Here's what you do. Give the kids 30 minutes. Let them trade and eat all the candy they want. Then take the candy and send your kids to the bathroom to brush AND floss. Then the next night give the candy back for another 30 minutes and then send them back to the bathroom. Repeat the process until the candy is gone. 

The key is to not let your kids take the candy to there rooms. Its the eating the candy and then letting it sit in between the teeth all night that is the problem. Short stints of candy followed by brushing and flossing will do very very little, if any, harm to your child's or your teeth.

Happy Halloween everyone. 

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