Thursday, September 10, 2015

Tongue Cancer

What does Cancer of the Tongue look like, feel like, act like?

What I tell my patients is that if there is ANY change in your tongue,
that lasts longer then about 2 weeks, that you have never experienced before,
 you should go see an oral surgeon.

Things happen to your tongue.
You can bite it. 
You can burn it. 
You can get canker sores.
Etc Etc

And some of these things can happen repeatedly over time.
People with Geographic Tongue, for instance, can get odd 
shapes and feelings on their tongue, and it can be absolutely
normal for them.

But all of these things will go away. 
IF you notice something changing that DOESN'T go away.
And in fact continues to get larger and/or begins to feel hurt,
burn, and/or feel uncomfortable in any way.

Go to the oral surgeon and have it looked at.
A small biopsy should be taken to determine what is going on.

Here are some pictures of Tongue Cancers.

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