Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dental Implants

Fantastic Implant case.
Patient came to me very frustrated with a tooth.
She had spent a lot of money on a crown, root canal, etc.
She needed a tooth in that particular spot but had been told
that the tooth that was there had to be removed.

What to do?
In a day and age where we can replace hips, knees, hearts and lungs.
Why wouldn't we replace teeth?

Tooth as it was when the patient came to my office.

Tooth now extracted and implant placed.
This all happens at the same appointment.
The implant was placed where one of the roots was.
You can actually see the outline of the other root space.
That spot was bone grafted and will fill in nicely.

Here is the Implant whit the tooth in place.
Very stable. 
No more cavities.
No more root canals.
Very happy patient. 

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