Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Broken tooth AND Toothache

Fairly involved case here. Patient comes to my office with problems on the upper right hand side of his mouth. He is in a lot of pain and has a broken tooth. He figures the problems are one and the same. That the broken tooth is the one that is hurting him.

 Unfortunately he's not so lucky. The broken tooth needs to come out, yes. But, its the tooth behind the broken tooth, that is actually responsible for the patients discomfort. That tooth needs a root canal or needs to be extracted as well.

Here's what we did, step by step. We will call the teeth 1-2-3 (from left to right) to make it simple. We extracted #2 and #3.

 We then placed an implant in the spot of #3. In the spot of #2 we just placed a bone graft and let it heal.

 After several months we then placed a bridge that spanned from 1-3. 

The bad teeth are gone. The patient is no longer in pain. And a wonderful case in completed.

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