Thursday, February 7, 2013

Gum Recession (Before & After)

Two different pictures (before and after) with lots to see.

First of all, we need to discuss gum recession. The tooth on the before picture has simple gum recession. Due to one of several factors (age, gum disease, aggressive brushing, etc.) gums can recede over time. The white enamel of a tooth only goes to the original gum line. As the gums recede, part of the root structure is exposed.

Root structure is a slightly darker color then is the enamel. Root structure is also softer then enamel. Over time the root structure can decay very quickly (as seen on the tooth on the right). Once the decay has happened then, we can place fillings in the tooth as we did in the after picture.

Gum recession can be real problem if left unchecked. Please see your dentist if you think your gums may be receding.

Ogden Dentist BEFORE: Gum Recession

Ogden Dentist AFTER: Gum Recession

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