Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Does my tooth need a crown?

This is one of the great questions of life. After all, if you can get away with fixing that broken tooth with just a filling than why would you choose to get it crowned?

Well, let’s put into terms that most people can understand. You have a 1992 Toyota. It has probably broken down from time to time, but the breakdowns have all been small… until now. Now the transmission has gone out. Do you spend $3000 to fix it, knowing that in a year the whole thing might die on you? Or, do you just trade in the car and get a newer one?

This logic must be applied to the getting of a crown. Typically, a tooth that needs a crown has gone through smaller things already. But now something bigger has happened. Do you get a really large filling placed knowing that it might only last a year, or do you decide that its time to make the jump and get the crown?

Here you will see a picture of a tooth that is at the point of decision. 

Cracked Tooth Filling - Dentist Ogden

Over the years, it has had several fillings that have increased in size every time. Now, the most recent filling is cracked. What to do?

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