Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"It's just a small cavity. I'll get to it later."

Oh boy.
I hear this all the time.
And the truth is that sometimes a small cavity is just that, a small cavity.
But other times it is much much worse.
That only way to know however is to go the dentist and get is checked out.

A perfect example of this is represented in these pictures.

This first picture looks like the smallest of cavities.

This next picture however, shows the extent of decay that was present
down inside the tooth and the amount of tooth structure that
we had to end up removing.
Very close to a Root Canal.

In the end the tooth looks great but there is no getting around the 
fact that the size of the filling will now make this tooth much weaker 
then it needed to be if the patient would have been getting regular
checkups and fixed the problem much sooner.

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