Monday, October 15, 2012

Do I have an abscessed tooth?

When a tooth goes bad it will begin to produce infection.
That infection wants to go somewhere.
In a typical tooth the only way out of the tooth is out the 
end of the tooth into the bone.
Once the infection is in the bone it then wants to find a way out of that.
After making it though the bone it will then try to make its way though the gums.
It is at this point when you will start to see the redness, swelling, and 
drainage that are signs of an abscess. 

Abscess' can come in different forms and in different places.

Here is an abscess at the top of the front tooth.
This one is very red and inflamed. 

Here is an abscess that came out the bottom of the chin.
What you are seeing is a plastic drain that has been inserted to
take away any extra infection.

Here is an abscess at the top of a rear tooth.
This abscess is white and doesn't look very inflamed.

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