Thursday, October 13, 2011

How long will it last?

"How long will it last doc?" is a question I get asked all the time.
Usually I get asked this question after I tell someone they have a cracked tooth.

The Answer I give people is, "it depends".
And although it sounds like a cop-out it is absolutely the correct answer.

If we can see a crack in a tooth that means that the tooth is giving way.
Whether it is giving way like the beach to erosion.
Or whether it is giving way like a pony with a sumo wrestler in its back
is the question.

It all really depends on your diet.
If you eat nothing but yogurt the rest of your life then the tooth will make it a long time.
If you crush ice and corn nuts with your teeth then the tooth may break by tonight.

So the dentist really doesn't have any idea.
Its all up to you.

Best thing to do is to get it taken care of right away so that you don't test the
limits of your tooth's toughness.
If it does break the consequences could be dire.

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